Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To better serve you The Greatest Blessing has created 5 custom colors of memory boxes along with 4 custom chenille lining colors as well for you to be able to pick and choose through. Each box will be unique in decor design, just as each little baby is unique in their design. Boxes will be available with a few packagings of "gifts" within the box itself. Also available will be ornaments and care packages for those enduring miscarriage.


  1. Dearest Megan, I recently came to know a woman who just had a still born and thought that I would pass her info along to u. thank-you.
    her name is: Britt Erisman
    address:172 Robie St. W.
    St. Paul, MN 55107
    ph number: 307-299-3898
    email: britt.erisman@msn.com

    Her son was born sleeping still on January 17, 2010. He name is LEVI RICHARD ERISMAN.

    I met her at a bereaved parents retreat at Faith's Lodge in Danbury WI. I told her about your website but I thought that if I just wrote u and if u could send her a box that it would serve her. With much love-Ruth

  2. Megan ,

    First off i give you so much credit for your faith and outlook on life. I just lost my son a few weeks ago and came across your page. Visited it at least 10 times since. Its gives me hope. Youve gotten me through a few rough nights! My sons name was Colin Keith. He was beautiful just like your little boy! I replay that one song on your playlist- "we cry out" by jesus culture. i never even heard of them and it feels me with love and joy when i hear it. brings me closer to him and my sweet colin. i just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this website- colin was our 1st and only child. We want to try for another sometime down the road, i just have to be strong both physically and mentally. Again, you are MY HERO!! THANK YOU MOM TO A BEAUTIFUL SON IN HEAVEN!!!!

    would love to hear from you
    email address: lbnkei@aol.com

    WITH LOVE- Laura D .

  3. I recently lost a baby girl march 29 12 it was very hard cause my whole pregnancy was fine from the time they cut me open til they took her out her heart stopped for an unknown reason I would love to receive a box my info is as listed

    Pamela dunn
    121 goodhue at
    South beloit I'll
    61080 thank you very much

  4. Are you actually making these boxes? I would love to order one but see no update here since 2009. Please Letme know. Thank you

  5. Hi Megan, I have 2 babies who were born into heaven and I would like to order a memory box if possible. My email address is fmgk828@gmail.com