Monday, December 15, 2008


Needless to say, I love it and will cherish it forever and a day. I also love the message on the inside.
Thank you with all of my heart, I will find a way to pass on what you gave me to another mother that lost a child.
Emily -Kenosha, Wisconsin

Thank you, for a million and one things, but mainly for being who you are. The box you gave us looks amazing on our fireplace mantel. I put a few things of the baby’s in there. It means so much to have it. I am grateful to know what your generosity feels like.
Amy -Gresham, Oregon

Your blog postings are consistent, biblical and hopeful despite realities of life. Thank you for your service. I received a Mother's Day card from you that was beautiful and felt so special because it was from someone who didn't know me and still cared and you remembered when people who know me forgot. There is that connection that can only be built around common experiences. I ordered a box from you also that went to a friend for her baby that died at 9 weeks. It was beautiful and heartfelt, she loved it. Thank you!
Chelsea -Seattle,Washington
I took it to the parent's home. I tell you, Megan - they were SO grateful and appreciative. I know they will treasure it forever. You did an outstanding job, Megan. I hadn't shed a tear for this baby (not that I don't care - I just go into "Photographer" mode) until.... I read the inside cover. It is so beautifully written and the personalization is awesome. Thank you with all my heart.
Sandi -Gresham, Oregon
If you are a family that has been touched by The Greatest Blessing
please email me your information! Please send in email,
titled- TESTIMONY PAGE any of the following:
  • Pictures of you and family
  • pictures of box, and
  • picture of your little one now living with King Jesus.

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